How does Live Assist work?

If your PC gives you a hard time and it’s time for repair, there is no more need to take your device to a local repair shop, wait for several days till they fix it, and hope it won’t be too expensive. Just call us! We will connect remotely to your PC right away and quickly solve your computer problems while you watch.
We are at your service around the clock, no matter where you are!

Need immediate assistance? call 1-877-291-6858

Experienced technicians are ready to take your call 24/7

We fix problems in three easy steps

Step 1

Call us and tell what's wrong with your computer
Our team consists of certified PC technicians with years of experience and extensive IT industry knowledge. They will assist you immediately, right when you call.
Call us toll-free:
  • 1-877-291-6858(US & Canada)
  • 1-800-370-543(Australia)
  • 1-800-041-8199(UK)
We are online 24/7!

Step 2

Let us connect to your device remotely
It is really easy: our technician will explain you step by step how to join a remote session, or send a link to your email. Afterward, you just open the link and run the program. The software, which we use for remote connections, is Zoho Assist. It is absolutely secure and uses encryption protocols like in online banking and payment transactions. You can verify the security protocol on their website:
During the remote session, you remain the primary user on your PC and have the ability to close the session at any time.

Step 3

We work on your computer while you watch
As soon as the remote connection is set up, you can relax, sit back and watch. The technician will run diagnostics and discuss repair options with you. Most problems are usually fixed in less than an hour. We also want to emphasize that before starting any work on your PC, the technician will create a restore point, and you will always be able to return your PC to its initial state. You are covered by a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee in case our team cannot fix the problem you're having.
During the whole session, you can ask questions and give input. We also help you learn about PC care as everything that’s done on your PC is explained. When our technician is done with repair, you can enjoy your well-functioning PC right away.
About Outbyte Live Assist
Outbyte Live Assist is a part of Outbyte company, providing solutions for PC protection and optimization. We are located in Australia, and we have over a million customers in more than 100 countries. We have feedback from happy users coming in at a steady stream, and we are proud that our products and services have a positive effect on so many lives around the world.
Postal Address
Outbyte Live Assist 495 Pacific Highway, Box 1644, Crows Nest 1585 NSW, Australia*
*This address is for mailing only. Please call us if you have questions or need assistance.
Toll-free phone numbers
1-877-291-6858 (US & Canada)
1-800-370-543 (Australia)
1-800-041-8199 (UK)